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Hi guys! It’s been a while since you haven’t paid us a visit and it was about time to checked up on us! In this beautiful sunny day we, the team at thug orgy thought we might give you the chance of seeing some horny dudes and what happened in a massage center! It seems like one of these dudes together with his friend were going to have a surprise right after taking their clothes off! Let’s have a look at what happened over there, shall we?

It was Friday afternoon and these two guys booked up a massage at this spa center! They had no idea that all these other three guys noticed them and they were going to please them just the way they wanted! So at first, these dudes were going to slide some cocks into their butts and soon after that they were also going to give them something to suck! Next thing we knew they were going to get double teamed and all that jizz was all around, as they had released it all over their round and firm butts! Are you looking for similar videos and pics? Join us, all you have to do is join our thugorgy community! We have much more amazing stuff to have a look at! Meanwhile you could also feel free to have a look around as we have just updated some fresh new galleries! Enjoy!

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